41 Reasons To See Every Short Film At 2018’s Los Angeles Film Fest

Credit: https://filmfreeway.com/LAFilmFestival

Agua Viva — USA (DIRECTOR Alexa Lim Haas)

Why This Short: Amazing Cine-animation

Audition — USA (DIRECTOR Richard Van)

Why This Short: Serious Subject, Cinematic Touch

Beastly Things — USA (DIRECTOR Zev Chevat)

Why This Short: A (Wonderfully) Disturbed Style

Black 14 — USA (DIRECTOR Darius Clark Monroe)

Why This Short: Learn About Football Protests Pre-Colin Kaepernick

Burn Bridge — USA/England (DIRECTOR Rhys Jones)

Why This Short: Harsh Realities Never Looked So Beautiful

Caroline — USA (DIRECTORS Celine Held, Logan George)

Why This Short: Cannes and SXSW…Need We Say More?

Cheer Up, Baby — USA (DIRECTOR Adinah Dancyger)

Why This Short: A Visual Feast That Deserves The Big Screen

Counterfeit Kunkoo — India (DIRECTOR Reema Sengupta)

Why This Short: Groundbreaking In More Ways Than One

Coyote — Switzerland (DIRECTOR Lorenz Wunderle)

Why This Short: The Swiss Adult Swim

Cross My Heart — Jamaica/USA (DIRECTOR Sontenish Myers)

Why This Short: Trouble In Paradise

Delay — Iran/Italy (DIRECTOR Ali Asgari)

Why This Short: Big Revelations In Unlikely Places

The Earth is Humming — USA (DIRECTOR Garrett Bradley)

Why This Short: Scary Realities Committed To Film

Falling — France (DIRECTOR Benjamin Vu)

Why This Short: Opposites Always Attract

Hair Wolf — USA (DIRECTOR Mariama Diallo)

Why This Short: B Movie Parody With Satirical Bite

Hierophany — USA (DIRECTOR Kevin Contento)

Why This Short: Capturing Life Outside The Margins

Intercourse — Sweden (DIRECTOR Jonatan Etzan)

Why This Short: It’s All About Sex In The End

Jeom — USA (DIRECTOR Kangmin Kim)

Why This Short: Everyone Loves Stop Motion

Kevlar — Sweden (DIRECTOR Tuna Özer)

Why This Short: Come (And Stay) For The Dialogue

Ladders — USA (DIRECTOR Andrew Stephen Lee)

Why This Short: Diverse Storytelling Hits Hard

Libre — USA (DIRECTOR Anna Barsan)

Why This Short: The Vision Of A Very Unique Artist

Lotus — Iran (DIRECTOR Mohammadreza Vatandoust)

Why This Short: The Real Meets The Cinematic

Mud — USA (DIRECTOR Shaandiin Tome)

Why This Short: A Ticking Clock Movie

Nevada — USA (DIRECTOR Emily Ann Hoffman)

Why This Short: The Awkward Moments You Can’t Look Away From

One Leg In, One Leg Out — Canada (DIRECTOR Lisa Rideout)

Why This Short: Inclusive Storytelling

The Passage — USA (DIRECTOR Kitao Sakurai)

Why This Short: It’s Tim And Eric…But Not

Room 140 — USA (DIRECTOR Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz)

Why This Short: Some Stories Just Need To Be Told

Roya — USA (DIRECTOR Shaina Pakravan)

Why This Short: Oscar Talent On Display

Scratch — Spain (DIRECTOR David Valero)

Why This Short: Seeing The World From An Unlikely Perspective

Shadow Animals — Sweden (DIRECTOR Jerry Carlsson)

Why This Short: Something’s Slightly Off

The Shift — USA (DIRECTOR Elivia Genny Shaw CO-DIRECTOR Paloma Martinez)

Why This Short: Truth Is Always Stranger Than Fiction

Sin Cielo — USA (DIRECTOR Jianna Maarten)

Why This Short: 4:3 Aspect Ratio Never Looked So Good

Skip Day — USA (DIRECTORS Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan)

Why This Short: Yearn For Youth

Swedi — Sweden (DIRECTOR Sosi Chamoun)

Why This Short: Shot In One Take

This Magnificent Cake! — Belgium/France/Netherlands (DIRECTORS Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels)

Why This Short: A Stop-Motion Period Piece

This, My Favorite Mural — USA (DIRECTOR Michael Arcos)

Why This Short: Watch Cultures Converge

The Things You Think I’m Thinking — Canada (DIRECTOR Sherren Lee)

Why This Short: Shattering All The Molds

True Love in Pueblo Textil — USA (DIRECTOR Horatio Baltz)

Why This Short: Great Child Performances

War Paint — USA (DIRECTOR Katrelle Kindred)

Why This Short: Shining A Light On Racism In America

Weekends — USA (DIRECTOR Trevor Jimenez)

Why This Short: The Surreal Meets The Domestic

While I Yet Live — USA (DIRECTOR Maris Curran)

Why This Short: Long Live Positive Cultural Tradition

Wild Wild West; A Beautiful Rant By Mark Bradford — USA (DIRECTOR Dime Davis)

Why This Short: Reflection On The Nature of Art And The Artist



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